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Hoboken Lecture 2016

On Wednesday 12 October 2016, the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, in partnership with the British Council, the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen and Codarts, presented the sixth Hoboken Lecture by the renowned British biologist professor Dave Goulson: 'Saving our bumblebees'. 

Musical prelude (Haydn's Hoboken Verzeichnis) by students of Codarts - (Rotterdam) University of the Arts.

The venue of the Hoboken Lecture is the auditorium of the Kunsthal, right next to the museum. We will use only 200 seats, so sound and view will be excellent for all.

About the Lecture: Bees and other pollinators are vital to our wellbeing: about one third of all the food we eat depends on them. More broadly, natural ecosystems depend upon pollination. Without it, most flowering plants would disappear and ecosystems would collapse. Hence we should be deeply concerned that wild bees are in decline, with some species of bee having gone extinct. Professor Dave Goulson will explain the various reasons why they are declining, which include loss of flowers from the countryside, our accidental spreading of bee diseases, and our overuse of pesticides. He will then discuss the many ways that we can all help to ensure that all types of bees have a future.

What is the Hoboken Lecture? Other FAQ. Who will be speaker in 2017?: register here so we will keep you informed


17:30 Refreshments and supper for VIPs, speaker, partners and sponsors

18:00 Museum open:  get your ticket, drink coffee and see the exhibitions

19:00 Auditorium Kunsthal open (next to the museum)

19.25 All seats taken

19:30 Welcome: Kees Moeliker, director Natural History Museum Rotterdam 

19:35 Musical prelude: Codarts Marbel Ensemble (Maria Bykova, 1st violin;
                Simone Tamminga, 2nd violin; Ulfhildur Thorsteinsdottir, viola;
                Sebastiaan Carel van den Bergh, violoncello) plays Joseph Haydn,
                Hoboken Verzeichnis - String quartet Op. 20, No. 5 in F minor,
                II and IV movement

19:50 Introduction of the speaker and his topic, by professor Koos Biesmeijer
                (Scientific Director, Naturalis Biodiversity Center) 

20.00 Hoboken Lecture, by Professor Dave Goulson: 'Saving our bumblebees

21:00       Musical intermezzo: Marbel Esemble plays Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's 
                Flight of the Bumblebee (arrangement)

21.05 Q&A, moderated by Martijn van Calmthout

21:15 Closing remarks: Nick Heath (Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy,
                The Netherlands)

21.20       Short walk to the museum

        Drinks, reception in the museum, speaker signs books

22:30 Museum closes, end of the programme