Publications: Deinsea

Deinsea is the Annual of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam. The periodical publishes original papers and short communications dealing with zoology, paleontology and (urban) ecology. 

Volumes 1 - 14 (1994 - 2010) were published in print. From volume 15 (2012) onwards, Deinsea is published online only. Scoll down for the open access archives.

After a period of hibernation, the journal was revived and restyled in 2016, and tagged 'Online Journal of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam'. [DEINSEA online ISSN 2468-8983, distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0]

Editors: Jelle Reumer (editor-in-chief), Bram W. Langeveld & Kees Moeliker (editors)