Frequently asked questions related to the coronavirus

Do I need a coronavirus entry pass to enter?
Yes, a valid coronavirus entry pass is required for all visitors aged 13 and up. We scan the coronavirus entry pass at the museum entrance and ask for ID.

Am I required to wear a face mask?

Yes, you are.

How about social distancing?

A distance of 1.5 m must be observed to anyone not in your party, e.g. other visitors and museum staff.

Am I required to book tickets in advance?
Yes, you are. Tickets have set dates and timeslots.

Will it not be too crowded in the museum?
In the weekends and during school holidays it can become rather crowded in the museum; however, we will never exceed the maximum capacity as dictated by the corona measures. People spread out all over the museum quite well. If you prefer to visit when it is quiet, consider visiting on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon or Friday afternoon. You can always contact our front office at +3110 4364222 for an accurate assesment of the current number of visitors.

How long can I stay in the museum?
There are no mandatory end times; a visit usually takes about two hours.

Can I eat or drink in the museum?
No, you cannot purchase food or beverages at the museum and bringing your own is not allowed. However, right accross the entrance to the museum there is a restaurant/cafe.

I just want to visit the museum shop; is that possible?
Yes, you can visit the museum shop (for free), but this does require a valid coronavirus entry pass, you are required to wear a face mask and you must observe social distancing.

My question is not listed
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