Book: Wildlife in Rotterdam

The exhibition 'Pure Resilience - the city is a wildlife habitat' has a special book, written by Jelle Reumer, co-curator of the exhibit and director of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, titled: Wildlife in Rotterdam - Nature in the city.

Homo sapiens is the most successful animal species on our planet. Today more and more animals and plants are following us into our urban environment. Rubbish tips, subway passages, high-tech savannas, mountain chains of glass and concrete: they form a habitat just as suitable as pristine forest or new wilderness. How does this change of scene impact on conservationists, urban developers and architects? What does it mean for biologists? Is the white tiger or orphan seal more valuable than the scavenging seagull or suburban fox?

Wildlife in Rotterdam – Nature in the city is a small history of urban ecology and an ode to the resilience of nature. With infectious gusto Jelle Reumer speculates about urban nature in the future and signposts the astonishing evolutions taking place every day under our citified noses. Tomatoes sprouting from tramlines, swans building nests of plastic bottles, subway mosquitoes that never leave their underground lair: the city is a miraculous cradle of wildlife.

The book (isbn 9 789073 424005, 160 pages, illustrated) is for sale at the museumshop for euro 12,50.

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