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Deinsea 7 - 1999 contents

J. de Vos & J.W.F. Reumer (1-2)

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J.W.F. Reumer & J. de Vos page 3-20
Short biography and a bibliography of Paul Y. Sondaar 
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F. Aziz & J. de Vos (page 21-32) 
The fossil faunas from the Citarum area, West Java, Indonesia 
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P. Bover & J.A. Alcover (33-54)
Estimating physical characteristics of neonate Myotragus balearicus (Artiodactyla, Caprinae)
full text (PDF)

F.I. Braber, D. Mol & J. de Vos (page55-65)
On mastodon remains from the Netherlands: an overview
full text (PDF)

J. Chaline (page 67-82)
A new view of hominid evolution 
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R. Daams  (page 83-90)

Peridyromys darocensis and Peridyromys sondaari, two new species of Gliridae from the Lower Miocene (MN3-5) of the Calatayud-Daroca Basin, Zaragosa, Spainfull 
text (PDF) 

L.E.M. de Boer (page 91-94)

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) as a model for the origin of life
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H. de Bruijn, G. Saraç, L.W. van den Hoek Ostende & S. Roussiakis (page 95-112) 

The status of the genus name Parapodemus Schaub, 1938; new data bearing on an old controversy 
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M.D. Dermitzakis & H. Drinia (page 113-120)

The presence of fossil mammals in Lesvos Island, NE Aegean Sea, and their paleobiogeographical implications 
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J.A. de Visser & G.D. van den Bergh (page 121-132)

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Corbeddu Cave (Eastern Sardinia)
full text (PDF) 

S. Doukas & C.D. Theocharopoulos (page 133-145)

Smaller mammals from the Oligocene of Kyprinos (Thrace, N. Greece)
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V. Eisenmann & B. van der Geer (147-168)
The Cynotherium from Corbeddu (Sardinia): comparative biometry with extant and fossil canids
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R. Elburg (page 169-186)
Man-animal relationships in the Early Neolithic of Dresden (Saxony, Germany)
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J.L. Franzen (page 187-194)

Lophiotherium sondaari n. sp. (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Equidae) aus der 
oberen Unterkohle des Geiseltales bei Halle (Saale)
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C.-M. Jianu & G.J. Boekschoten (page 195-198)

The Hateg - island or outpost? 
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J.J.M. Leinders, M. Arif, H. de Bruijn, S.T. Hussain & W. Wessels (page 199-213)

Tertiary continental deposits of Northwestern Pakistan and remarks on the 
collision between the Indian and Asian plates
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A. Lister (page 215-221)
The Pliocene deer of the Red Crag Nodule Bed (UK)
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D. Mol, J. de Vos & J.W.F. Reumer (page 223-232)
Praeovibus priscus (Bovidae, Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the North Sea and aspects of 
its paleoecology
full text (PDF)

P. Pavlakis (page 233-251)
The Messinian events and the Greek fossil mammal record
full text (PDF)

J.W.F. Reumer & L.W. Hordijk (page 253-281)

Insectivora (Mammalia) from the Zuurland boreholes near Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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J.H. Schwartz (page 283-296)
Evolutionary provocations: Paul Sondaar, the evolution of the horse, and a new look at 
the origin of species
full text (PDF)

F. Spoor (page 297-302) 
The human fossils from Corbeddu Cave, Sardinia: a reappraisal
full text (PDF)

I. Tattersall (page 303-311)
Patterns of origin and extinction in the mammal fauna of Madagascar
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P.J.H. van Bree, D.P. Bosscha Erdbrink & F.J. Roescher (page 313-323)
A second find of Aonyx antiquus in the Netherlands, and some remarks on Aonyx and 
allied forms (Mammalia, Carnivora, Mustelidae) 
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A.A.E. van der Geer (page 325-336)

On the astragalus of the Miocene endemic deer Hoplitomeryx from the Gargano (Italy)
full text (PDF)

J. van der Made (page337-360)
Biogeography and stratigraphy of the Mio-Pleistocene mammals of Sardinia and the 
description of some fossils
full text (PDF)

A.J. van der Meulen & G.G. Musser (page 361-368)

New paleontological data from the continental Plio-Pleistocene of Java
full text (PDF)

Th. van Kolfschoten & Y. Vervoort-Kerkhoff (page 369-381)
The Pleistocene and Holocene mammalian assemblages from the Maasvlakte near 
Rotterdam (the Netherlands), with special reference to the Ovibovini Soergelia minor 
and Praeovibos cf. priscus
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W.H. Waldren (page 383-400)

Indications of possible sexual dimorphism in the horn cores and certain cranial bone 
components of the insular, endemic ruminant Myotragus balearicus
full text (PDF)

P.D.M. Weesie (page 401-409)

Les oiseaux du Pleistocène Supérieur de la grotte de Corbeddu, Sardaigne
full text (PDF)

G. Willemsen (page 411-418)
Some remarks on the Enhydrini (Lutrinae) from the Siwaliks, Pakistan
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