Picked up Dredged Hammered

In ‘Picked up Dredged Hammered’, the museum presents a unique overview of fossils from the Netherlands. The exhibition takes the visitor back in time, from 500 million year old fossils in sandstone from Drenthe, through 70 million year old shark teeth and sea urchins from the Cretaceous period of Limburg, to the relatively young skeletal parts of the woolly mammoth, saber-toothed cat and beluga fished from the North Sea.
Discover fossil leaves, tree trunks, roots and insects from the Carboniferous period of the Limburg coal mines and 230 million year old skeletal parts and footprints of reptiles from a quarry near Winterswijk. These and other magnificent fossils give an incomparable picture of Dutch prehistory. The masterpiece is an early 19th-century cast of the Mosasaurus, the original fossil that was taken from Maastricht to Paris by the French army in 1795.