National Park Rotterdam - working towards a port city full of nature

The city is nature too, and that’s a good thing. The Natural History Museum Rotterdam demonstrates this with the exhibition National Park Rotterdam. Urban nature is not inferior to the ‘classic nature’ we find in our national parks. The city and port area have their own distinctive landscapes and plant and animal species that are equally part of Dutch nature. Discover the rich biodiversity and multifaceted stories that show that the city is a unique living environment, where plants and animals display great resilience. Urban nature can be found close to your own front door too. On the interactive city map of Rotterdam, you will discover which species have been spotted nearby, and an exciting future map shows what our nature-inclusive city could look like. Find out how you can help the nature around you and contribute to our dream: Rotterdam as a national park!

More information about the future map in the exhibition can be found here

Creators of National Park Rotterdam
National Park Rotterdam is an exhibition of Natural History Museum Rotterdam and Rotterdam Urban Ecology Unit, in partnership with Heijmans,, Natuurstad Rotterdam, Veldkijker Films & VOF Wild Port of Europe and Campagne Nationaal Park Rotterdam. Design: Morrow. The Creative Club. | Exhibition construction: Kloosterboer Decor BV.

This exhibition was made possible with the generous financial support of: