contents Deinsea 4 - 1998

J.N.J. Post, W.Beekhuizen & E.J.O Kompanje (page 1-11)
Biometrics of the mute swan Cygnus olor based on a sample of 45 individuals
full text (PDF)

J.W.F. Reumer & R. Andeweg (page 13-23)
Flora and fauna of an inner-city waste-land in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
full text (PDF)

Nina Garutt (page 25-39)
Neue Angaben über die Hörner des Fellnashorns Coelodonta antiquatis
full text (PDF)

Jelle W.F. Reumer, Joop C. van Veen, Alberts J. van der Meulen, Leen W. Hordijk & John de Vos (page 41-45) 
The first find of small mammals (Desmaninae, Arvicolidae) from the Early Pleistocene Oosterschelde fauna in The Netherlands
full text (PDF)

Berhard J. van Vondel (page 47-57)
Catalogue of the Hymenoptera in the Natuurmuseum Rotterdam; part 2: Aculeata of the Neotropical and Neartic regions 
full text (PDF)

Erwin J.O. Kompanje (page 59-76) 
Abnormal tailflukes in harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena from The Netherlands (Mammalia: Cetacea Odontoceti)
full text (PDF)

Johannes N.J. Post (page 77-89)
Biometrics of 35 specimens of the Leach's storm- petrel Oceanodroma leucorhoa from a wreck in southern Portugal 
full text (PDF)

Nico W. Elfferich (page 91-95)
Is the larval and imaginal signalling of Lycaenidae and other Lepidoptera related to communication with ants 
full text (PDF)

Nico W. Elfferich (page 97-102)
New facts on the life history of the dusky large blue Maculinea nausithous (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) obtained by breeding with Myrmica ants in plaster nests  
full text (PDF)

P.J.H. van Bree & Erwin J.O. Kompanje (page 103-105)
Three aberrant polecats Mustela putorius (Mammalia: Carnivora, Mustelidae)
full text (PDF)

The early Middle Pleistocene in Europe (page 107-108)
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