contents Deinsea 6 - 1999

A. Alimov (page 1)
First International Mammoth Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 16-21, 1995: opening remarks 
full text (PDF)

G. Baryshnikov, G. Haynes & J. Klimowicz (page 3-8)
Mammoths and the mammoth fauna: introduction to the studies of an extinct ecosystem
full text (PDF)

G. Haynes (page 9-38)
The role of mammoths in rapid Clovis dispersal
full text (PDF)

P. G. Bahn (page 39-42)
Some new depictions of mammoths in ice age art
full text (PDF)

V. P. Lioubine (page 43-54)
Variability of mammoth images in Paleolithic art
full text (PDF) 

J. J. Saunders (page 55-78) 
Morphometrical analyses of Mammuthus columbi from the Dent Site, Weld County, Colorado
full text (PDF)

A. M. Lister (page 79-88)
Epiphyseal fusion and postcranial age determination in the woolly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius 
full text (PDF)

L. D. Agenbroad, D. Morris & L. Roth (page 89-102) 
Pygmy mammoths Mammuthus exilis from Channel Islands National Park, California (USA) I. V. Foronva & A. N. Zudin
full text (PDF) 

I.V. Foronova & A.N. Zudin (page 103-118)  
The structure of the lineage Archidiskodon - Mammuthus in Eurasia and peculiarities of its evolution
full text (PDF) 

D. Mol, G. D. van den Bergh & J. de Vos (page 119-146) 
Fossil proboscideans from the Netherlands, the North Sea and the Oosterschelde Estuary
full text (PDF)

A. Forsten (page 147-154).
The horses (genus Equus) from the Middle Pleistocene of Steinheim, Germany
full text (PDF)

G. Baryshnikov (page 155-174)
Chronological and geographical variability of Crocuta spelaea (Carnivora, Hyaenidae) from the Pleistocene of Russia 
full text (PDF)

N. Garutt (page 175-186) 
Skull pathologies in Coelodonta antiquitatis: implications about social behaviour and ecology 
full text (PDF)

N. K. Vereshchagin & S. V. Tomirdiaro (page 187-198) 

Taphonomic research in permafrost regions: a survey of past and present studies in the former Soviet Union
full text (PDF)

J. P. Kozhevnikov & V. V. Ukraintseva (page 199-210)
Pleistocene tundra-steppe: arguments pro and con
full text (PDF)

J. Hauf, U. Joger, F. K. Zimmermann, P. Lazarev & S. L. Vartanyan (page 219-220)
Protein and nucleic acid sequences of woolly mammoth cytochrome b and the phylogenetic postition of Mammuthus within the Elephantidae)
full text (PDF)

G. Haynes (page 219-220)
Mammoths and the mammoth fauna: concluding remarks
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