contents Deinsea 12 - 2008

Klaas Post, Olivier Lambert & Giovanni Bianucci
First record of Tusciziphius crispus (Cetacea, Ziphiidae) from the Neogene of the US east coast (page 1-10) 
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David F. Mayhew
The second record of Borsodia (Arvicolidae, Rodentia) from the Pliocene of the Netherlands (page 11-15)  
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David F. Mayhew, John de Vos & Joop C. van Veen
First record of Trogontherium cuvieri (Rodentia,Castoridae) from the Oosterschelde  (page 17-20) 
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Jorinde Sprong & Jelle W.F. Reumer 
Vegetation of urban wastelands in Rotterdam and the effect of human disturbance (page 21-35)
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A.A. Slupik &  A.C. Janse
The geological record of the Breda Formation in the subsurface of the Island of Noord-Beveland (Province of Zeeland, The Netherlands) from the Colijnsplaat borehole (42G24-1): A sequence-stratigraphic approach (page 37-52)
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Irina A. Koretsky & Noud Peters
Batavipusa (Carnivora, Phocidae, Phocinae): a new genus from the eastern shore of the North Atlantic Ocean (Miocene seals of the Netherlands, part II) (page 53-62)
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