Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this website in English? 
Well, we organise the Hoboken Lectures together with the British Council, the speaker is British and will speak in English too. So we aim at an (international) audience that understands the English language.

When is the 2023 Hoboken Lecture and who is the speaker?
The lecture was scheduled for 28 June 2023. The speaker was ecologist professor Kate Jones.

Where is the Hoboken Lecture? 
Reception of our guests, coffee-and-sadwich before the lecture and drinks afterwards are in the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, Westzeedijk 345, 3015 AA Rotterdam. We are in that magnificient villa in the Museumpark, next to the Kunsthal. Directions here. The lecture itself is next door in the auditorium of the Kunsthal. 

Do I have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend the Hoboken Lecture? 
No, but you won’t be listening to a live report of a game of darts. We expect engaged, curious and committed citizens in the audience, including students, academics, entrepreneurs, amateurs and professionals.

Is the Hoboken Lecture also for kids? 
No. If you have keen kids at the age of 8 to12, try the MuseumJeugdUniversiteit for exciting lectures by renowned scientists. The Hoboken Lecture is for 16+

Do I have to pay for the Hoboken Lecture?
Yes, tickets are 17,50 euro. This includes entrance to the Natural History Museum and vouchers for coffee-and-sandwich before the lecture, and an after-lecture drink and some finger food. 

Where can I buy a ticket for the Hoboken Lecture?
Please go to our online ticketshop.

Can I bring my family or a friend? 
Sure, but they need tickets too.

Should I buy a ticket now? 

How do I know that you reserved a seat for me? 
If you managed to buy a ticket online, you have a seat. We guarantee that. To get in, to your seat, print the e-ticket of show it on your smart phone.

Should I come early?
Yes, please. You are welcome from 18.00h, to get your vouchers, have a coffee and see the exibits of the Natural History Museum before the programme starts at 19.30h sharp.

Any other question? 
Please e-mail us at hobokenlecture@hetnatuurhistorisch.nl. We might even answer your question in Dutch.